Compete With Yourself Not With Others

Life is a race and we all accept and know this. But sometimes we loose this race just because we let others to control our speed which is not right. We forget about our improvement and start comparing our potentialities with others. We should keep in mind that we should never want to ne what is meant for someone else and no one else can take or snatch what is meant for us. Comparing with others not only make us loose self confidence but also make others control our success. Everyone has a different journey and a different destiny, if we will start comparing and competing with other’s we will be diverted from our destiny and will last being part of some other’s journey. Taking examples or inspiration from other’s is fine but the problem arrives when we compare their work, their success with us. It hurts us and makes us demotivated. We stop thinking about our mistakes and start being jealous and self doubting ourselves. The time we waste in comparing us with others, if we devote that time on improving ourselves, we will definitely win the race of our life.

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