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Ways to make classroom education innovative and creative.

Classroom learning can sometimes be tiring for students. Studying in a classroom for hours without any break could bore the students due to which they may lose interest and attention. They might keep on listening to the teachers but they won't understand a thing if their mind is tired.

There is nothing as satisfying as making something creative, especially education. Creativity and innovation should be a part of everything, not only co-curricular activities or childhood games. Here are some of the ways, you can make classroom learning interesting.

1) Open-end questions

Open-ended questions are questions that can have many alternative answers. These questions can help students in communicating, enhancing their leadership skills, collaborating with others and discovering new ideas. Through open-end questions, students can find their potential and show their creativity.

2) Usage of Audio and Video tools

Nowadays smart classes are being incorporated into classroom learning so that teaching and learning could be made interesting. Audio and Video tools can include models, infographics, pictures, videos and brain mapping tools. Such tools will enhance the imagination of students and they will understand the concepts better.

3) Real-world learning

Relating things to the real world or personal life is a great way to retain the concepts, ideas and theories. Connecting with real-world experiences and stories makes teaching and learning easy and interesting. This will part the interest of the children and they will feel more involved and interested.

4) Classes outside the classroom

Classes can be conducted outside the classroom. Instead of bounding the learning within the four walls of the classroom, learning can take place in the ground or other open spaces. One of the movies of Rani Mukherjee 'Hichki' portrayed beautifully how classes can be conducted outside the classroom and can be made more interesting as well as involving.

5) Introducing school clubs and groups

There are different interests of different students. All of them cannot be addressed during the classes. After school clubs or groups can be started to enhance the skills of the students. These clubs may include poetry club, dance club, a club for AI, music club etc. The introduction of clubs can help the students in enhancing their skills and developing new skills.

6) Puzzles and games

Puzzles and mind games are a great way to enhance and shape the analytical abilities of students. This will help them in facing challenges and problem-solving. If you introduce the lessons to the children through games, quizzes and puzzles, they will take a lot more interest in participating and learning.

7) Teaching through role-playing

Role-playing is a great way to help children develop their interpersonal skills. This will also help the students in stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something new. Just remember to keep it simple and not complicated as it may confuse the students and they may not want to get involved.

8) Refreshing classroom environment

A boring classroom with plain walls may look dull. A well-decorated classroom looks lively and helps stimulate a student's mind. A good environment is a great way of changing creativity and imagination. A good environment has a positive impact on the children.

9) Encourage group discussions and debates

Discussing and debating about something is a great way to know how a student thinks and to what extent his creativity can go. Group discussions and debates can help in enhancing their communication skills and interpersonal skills.

This will help them in facing the audience and keeping their point of view. One needs to think outside the box to instil creativity in educating. For today's generation of students, creativity is one of the most important keys to enhance learning.

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