In these covid times, we all are accepting the new normally putting stone on our heart. Although we are used to this is the first time in our life the pandemic situation. Here is a short inspirational chit chat between son and mom regarding vaccination

MOM: Ishu, I am asking you about the vaccination since the last month about the vaccination. any update

ISHU: Mom there is a shortage of doses nowadays in our town

MOM: Don't lie in front of me. I know it is going on. Tell me why are you not taking me to the vaccination center.

ISHU: Mom cant you see those who had taken vaccination, losing their lives and facing complications. It is the wastage of both time and money.

MOM: I know but you always teach me precaution is better than cure. Take me to the vaccination center.

ISHU: Mom, you don't practice safety precautions at home. How can I take you to the vaccination center?

MOM: don't worry, we will have a sanitizer, 5 ft distance, and double mask.

ISHU: Ok mom, if you promise let's go tomorrow. After the dose, there were no complaints, thanks to god.

Why are you still reading this? Go for the vaccination, if done then Kudos to you for being a good citizen.

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