Strategies of Improving Student Success

Student success may be defined as desirable student outcomes in academics. A student’s success depends on both academic and nonacademic factors. It doesn’t mean only a degree completion but improvement of the student as an individual as a degree is not enough in the current scenario for a student’s success. A student’s success is not just completing the course with good grades but achieving his goal with diverse ideas and creative fulfillment. There are few steps that can be followed for improving their academic performance:

Recognizing Interests

This is a very important factor that determines a student’s success. If you are interested in what you are learning you will definitely perform well in your subjects. But many students get confused and choose a career path ahead that has to do nothing with their interests and they end up scoring badly in their academics. Students should pursue counseling about their interests and their career. It’s a trend to choose ambition according to family background, friend’s circle, parent’s pressure. But a student should not think about any of these. He should choose a career in which he can do good and he is interested to take. If students will choose their interested path, they will definitely achieve success.

Experimental Learning

Schools and Colleges should promote experimental learning in order to enhance student’s success. Their performance should not be evaluated only by written exams and vivas but also by project-based assessments and co-curricular activities. Experimental learning provides students field experience, service learning opportunities that help them ahead in their upcoming future. Institutions should use active learning pedagogies to utilize the academic performance of students.

Being Interactive

Students should be interactive during their learning sessions. Even teaching institutions should provide an interactive environment to students. This not only improves student’s communication skills and lead them to learn how to effectively communicate but also makes them understand their problems to their teachers properly. This makes their doubts be cleared properly and helps them to achieve s good academic performance. When classes will be interactive the teacher will also be getting feedback on his way of teaching and he will be able to improve it if needed.

Being Punctual

It’s not only about fulfilling 70% attendance criteria, it’s about keeping a habit of being punctual and making a habit of following a strict routine which is a very important factor determining any student’s success. Obviously, if a student will be punctual to classes then it will create a good impact on his teachers and it increases the chances of his good academic performance, but being regular makes you follow a timetable which will be beneficial to you throughout your life. A survey says that people who became late for their job interviews were never regular or on time to their classes as they had created a habit of being late. So being punctual also determines a student’s success.

Being prepare for the Job Market

A key to persistence lies in student’s perception that their courses have a clear value proposition. They should be aware to labor market realities, labor force information, windows into possible careers. They should attend workshops which train them in high-demand skills. They should participate in innovative competitions in order to enhance their skills. They should research what qualities is a need in order to achieve success in their career and try to improve those qualities. During their undergraduate years, students should try to do supervised internships to get field experience and career exposure. A student’s success is not a mission impossible. It can be achieved through focus and strong determination. If a student will be ready in all ways to take step ahead in his concerns then, the student success will be entirely achieved

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