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SEO Keyword Strategy

You might have searched this many times “how to drive relevant traffic to your content ”. Picking the right keywords is very important to craft content and it should be satisfying both your readers and the search engines. The importance of keyword research is to better understand your target readers and how they are searching your content.

There are some tactics of keywords research which help you build strong content and let you know how your target readers are searching for your content:

Find what are people searching for :

*Which content is looked at most? (Try to write content on those topics)

*Which age group is searching that content the most? (Try to identify which age group is your target reader)

*What words they use to search that content? ( Try to keep those words in content's topic)

*What questions they ask or type while searching? (Try to bring out answers to those questions in your content)

* In which format do the readers want the content? ( Try to write your content in that format, like conversation type content or storytelling content)

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