Motivation vs inspiration

It is always the hot searched topic over the internet and also the question that everyone has to deal with. It is the moral duty of everyone to go deep inside ourselves for fetching the answer to the above question. Here is an article that is going to articulate your thoughts and mindset. Before moving further, let's crack the definition for both. Motivation is a process that helps an individual to achieve his goal. It is a reason for willingness, action, and goal. Inspiration is an activity that influences an individual to do something creative. You can ask yourself a question who motivates you or inspires you but beware both are different things. Motivation is a short-term thing and inspiration a long-term one. Motivation compels while inspiration propels. Motivation is always an external thing, unlike inspiration. Actually , inspiration is a deep thought or need inside any individual. Here is an example for better understanding. All those Bollywood/ Hollywood actors in ripped body conditions are the motivators because, in reality, they all are doing so to be in the film industry. Prominent figures like Stephen Hawking, Kiran Bedi, Mother Teresa, Gandhi Ji are the true inspiration

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