How to Gain Public Engagement On Media Platforms

Social Media has now become a part of our life and it’s really beneficial for people to connect and engage. Media engagement refers to a measure of how people are reacting and interacting with your social media content. Public engagement is important to evaluate what your viewers think about your content and how your content is affecting them. Here are some basic tips which you can use to increase public engagement on your content.

• Keep your topic interesting and relatable. If people will find your topic interesting, beneficial, and relatable they will definitely go through it.

• Do reply to your contest’s comments. By doing this your viewers will get to know that you are noticing them and they will engage more with you.

• Research the algorithm. Every media platform has some algorithms as to which time is good for posting, which topic is trending on it. On LinkedIn, there is a golden hour concept as the post that gets engagement within the first 60minutes to have greater reach. These were some basic tips that can enhance public engagement in your content.

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