Ctrl + Shift + Delete

In this scenario, loss in motivation and aspiration is genuine. We all are leading miserable life. So here is an article on keyboard shortcut keys that can help you regain your old mindset back on track. The famous command or a keyboard shortcut to delete the history. Of many of us are aware of this shortcut, it is the ritual before giving a laptop/mobile to our friend. But here is a thing that one should be aware of the value of these keyboard shortcuts in professional as well in an individual's personal life.

(Ctrl + Shift + Delete)

Let's crack it, this code is a mantra of life.

Ctrl helps to control the problem and situations. Shift helps in shifting your focus or goal or objective. Delete helps in erasing the trauma and barriers.

Here is an example from our life.

We are going through this pandemic and lockdown thing since the last year. Our physical as well mental health are both in danger. We are dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety issues. We all are studying and working online. Also side by side Netflix and chill are also going on.

So here is a mantra

Ctrl- control your screen time or craving for entertainment.

Shift- shift to online courses Delete - uninstall Netflix and go for a social detox We hope this can be helpful if not then next time go for Alt instead of shift (Ctrl + Alt + Delete)

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